by Science Park

(41°52’43.10”N, -87°38’24.90”W) Mid-America by steam line / Union underneath the skylight Baltic engine heaves a hot sigh / Minneapolis before night And with the signal, our wheels they roll away Open the throttle, the city recedes in the gray And the conductor will cry out her name, hooray: “O Hiawatha, the queen of Milwaukee way!” Picking up at Caledonia / Laying back into Ixonia Every tower, every new town / Silhouetted by the sundown Oh in the Tip Top, they’re pouring out the laughs I’m high enough with my face against the glass I close my eyes when I hear the whistle blast: Woo-ooo, woo-ooo. Okauchee, all aboard. West Salem, all aboard. Winona, all aboard. Lake City, all aboard. From the junction, it’s a short ride / City crossing in the moonlight Hear the clacking of the coach door / Seven hours from the lake shore Out in the station, the winds are three below And the conductor is counting down to go But in my heart there’s a signal box that glows: “O Hiawatha!”
(34°35’29.56”N, 118°59’46.83”W) Sespe River wandering (Lonely walker, I want you, baby) Thirty miles from Lion in (You’ve come a long way along me, baby) Seen ‘em shooting at the Spring (From the Matilija flowing, baby) Mountain boys in winter rain (But do they know where they’re going, baby?) And it seemed Through miles and miles of chaparral That the river rose again Reaching for the mountain wall Ditch the car and hike it back (You’re in for troubling weather, baby) Taking shelter on the Flat (Why don’t you want us together, baby?) Stoke the fire, wait out the night (I wanna water and wave you, baby) Heard the sound before the sight (You know they’re not gonna save you, baby) And they came To guide us with a great machine Marching in the freezing dark Hitched a ride across the stream And then the river meets the men Pulls them down to shake Her lonely hand A tiny voice breaks through the din And is swept into the night again: “I love you dearly” And I only am escaped alone…
(41.1158°N, 112.4768°W) Midnight salt-light glows over Black Bluff, Flat Rock, stone’s throw Clustered shorebirds doze low Quilt of nocturne’s bed, sewn In my autumn coat, under starshine Instruments align in a bone-straight line We alight at eventide With Nox on her throne And the last of evening’s light Rolls over the globe And we rise Cruise the causeway, skirt of stone Haunted Saltair’s ghost moans Promontory fog rolls Thick air triggers the glide slope Then the systems choke on the decline Nose and lake align in a bone-straight line And the isles begin to climb And the shoals bring no hope In a blast of salt and brine We’re home with St. Phorcys For the night
(44.7723°N, 79.9373°W) When the angry hand threw a fist of land When the wanted woman forsook him The great tomb north of Penetanguishene His fingers washed away in the harbors Lay him down “Raise the lamps around me And let them dance Around, ‘round, ‘round, ‘round The nameless brides are swaying To them I’ll call” Sentinel Kitchikewana Steely watcher over the Georgian His angry hands shake in the sunset Clothes his loneliness in his ire Lay him down “Raise the lamps around me And let them dance Around, ‘round, ‘round, ‘round The nameless brides are swaying” And then she comes And he bends on big knee And tells her of his plans But she says that that won’t do She can’t love two “I’ll raze the lamps around me And quake the land With sound, sound, sound, sound I’ll fling your heart, so earthen I’ll make you crawl I’ll bend my life to breaking And lay my body Down, down, down, down This bay, my bride, my prison, My sandy crown”
Anaxagoras 00:56
(40°21’50.66”N, 26°37’51”E) Saw a comet in the shape of a girl Shaking dust from a starry himation that she wore Knit the night with an Athenian purl The Boeotian sky in the firmament with her sister Will you raise Orion’s eyes? Will he recognize your light? Will he lose you?
Sleep Test 05:47
The vessel lines that map my eyes ... somnolent The dot of sky, the crimson light ... sanguine Telegram the flight, through conjured night, to the waiting Who chart the climb, control the time of our dreaming Paralyzed and nightbound In this R&D town Deep beneath the snow I’ve been getting bed rest Once I pass this sleep test I’ll be coming home With their machines, they flood the screens of our vision Encode the plot on microdots ... intravenous We look so small, can’t rise at all. What’s the difference Between the womb or a lightless room, once you’re in it? Paralyzed and nightbound etc At night we sit with the silent director But he’s just a dream of the moonlight collector ‘neath the watchful eye of the color corrector Who adjusts the Y and the CMK Making day slide away Paralyzed and nightbound etc
(53°58’28.87”N, 166°54’18.51”W) I guess you saw me right away: 6’2” Sargent dock worker, summer freight So new AN ALEUTIAN LETTER. .- -. / .- .-.. . ..- - .. .- -. / .-.. . - - . .-. .-.-.• AN EARLY WARNING. .- -. / . .- .-. .-.. -.-- / .-- .- .-. -. .. -. --. .-.-.• Nine years, they sent me North to stay: COB-2 Deep freeze, skywatching, night and day Long DEW AN ALEUTIAN LETTER. .- -. / .- .-.. . ..- - .. .- -. / .-.. . - - . .-. .-.-.• A LONG DEW LINE .- / .-.. --- -. --. / -.. . .-- / .-.. .. -. . And you lie to save your skin And I lie to save our world And this eye will scan the strait As the silent winter moon blooms I guess there’s not much more to say or do But lie back and dream of far-away blue
1381GSS 04:00 video
(35°16’22.9”N, 117°30’42.9”W) Mojave, come in Blackbird bearing 35°16’ Over the alluvial Traveling at recon speed Can you see me, 3x3, here? I’ll wait another year On the same route again Flyover one more With your secret eye again High desert summer Geodetic winds blow Cuddeback Over your tracks Dry lake devils swirl Camera, calibrate to me ‘til you see “1381GSS” On the same route again Flyover one more With your secret eye again (Blue valentine, blue valentine) On the same route again (etc)
(40°45’32.08"N, 73°59’06.48”W) We have come in this car To trap some light from this square Because our hearts have failed on this night So we drive to the edge of our pain She, our pilot, faithful And a guide to this underworld We alight at dusk and return Smuggling sparks in our mouths
(52°06’21.69°N, 4°41’44.71”W) Before he died, the Fisher King sat down to dream He laid his head beneath the arch and watched the sky “It’s not my world, it’s not my space” And in his dream, he lost his way among the waves 500 years of shooting stars spelled out his name “My crumbled land, my sinking face My only hope, so far away”
[Appendix] 06:31


Science Park's first album in 17 years. 11 songs about midcentury commuter trains, true-life river tragedies, misadventures in aviation, mythological blind seers, secret subterranean rendition camps, the creation of the Georgian Bay, and the first recorded human sighting of the comet.


released October 5, 2018

All songs written, arranged, and produced by MYKE D WEISKOPF (International Ursigram Music / ASCAP)
GEORGE MADRID Pedal steel (4, 6, 7)
ROGER PARK Pedal steel (11)
HENRY SOLOMON Saxophones (9)
MYKE D WEISKOPF Vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards,
field recordings, Morse code, etc.

Recorded and mixed by Matt Lynch at Mysterious Mammal Recording, Los Angeles, CA.
Additional recording by Esteban Chavez, George Madrid, and Myke D Weiskopf.
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA. Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice.
Drum tech: John Oreshnick at Angel City Drum Works, Burbank, CA.
Cover art: Michael Sjostedt at Magazine Dream Collage.
Book design: Todd M. LeMieux [] from a concept by Science Park.
Photography: Kitchikewana monument, Penetanguishene, Ontario, by Jay Kerr.
Photography: “The Passing of King Amfortas” mural by Edwin Austin Abbey, Boston Public Library, by Sheryl Lanzel.

For Mom, Marti, Ryko, and Josh. Love is stronger than death.

My infinite gratitude and appreciation to the creators who so generously bestowed their time and talents upon this record. Thanks to Phillip Haut for the chord organ and Ward Poulos for the maple snare shell.

With love to these beautiful people for mission-critical support: Brent Chaney, Mark Eitzel, Jim Fouratt, Josh Haden, Clint Osterholz, Matt Patterson, David Rajter, Bob Rein, Bryan Sandlin, Jeff Scanlon, Kit Tempest, Dan Weiskopf, and Dorian Wood.

(C) (P) 2018 Obscure-Disk. /




Faulty Machine Recordings Service Los Angeles, California

Myke Dodge Weiskopf is a songwriter, radio producer, and field recordist from Los Angeles. He records and performs as Science Park, and recently launched the monthly Faulty Machine Recordings Service.

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