Sleep Test

from Mercator by Science Park



The vessel lines that map my eyes ... somnolent
The dot of sky, the crimson light ... sanguine
Telegram the flight, through conjured night, to the waiting
Who chart the climb, control the time of our dreaming

Paralyzed and nightbound
In this R&D town
Deep beneath the snow
I’ve been getting bed rest
Once I pass this sleep test
I’ll be coming home

With their machines, they flood the screens of our vision
Encode the plot on microdots ... intravenous
We look so small, can’t rise at all. What’s the difference
Between the womb or a lightless room, once you’re in it?

Paralyzed and nightbound etc

At night we sit with the silent director
But he’s just a dream of the moonlight collector
‘neath the watchful eye of the color corrector
Who adjusts the Y and the CMK
Making day slide away

Paralyzed and nightbound etc


from Mercator, released October 5, 2018




Faulty Machine Recordings Service Los Angeles, California

Myke Dodge Weiskopf is a songwriter, radio producer, and field recordist from Los Angeles. He records and performs as Science Park, and recently launched the monthly Faulty Machine Recordings Service.

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