Salt Lake Song

from Mercator by Science Park



(41.1158°N, 112.4768°W)

Midnight salt-light glows over
Black Bluff, Flat Rock, stone’s throw
Clustered shorebirds doze low
Quilt of nocturne’s bed, sewn

In my autumn coat, under starshine
Instruments align in a bone-straight line

We alight at eventide
With Nox on her throne
And the last of evening’s light
Rolls over the globe
And we rise

Cruise the causeway, skirt of stone
Haunted Saltair’s ghost moans
Promontory fog rolls
Thick air triggers the glide slope

Then the systems choke on the decline
Nose and lake align in a bone-straight line

And the isles begin to climb
And the shoals bring no hope
In a blast of salt and brine
We’re home with St. Phorcys
For the night


from Mercator, released October 5, 2018




Faulty Machine Recordings Service Los Angeles, California

Myke Dodge Weiskopf is a songwriter, radio producer, and field recordist from Los Angeles. He records and performs as Science Park, and recently launched the monthly Faulty Machine Recordings Service.

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