Faulty Machine Recordings Service: June 2020

by Faulty Machine Recordings Service

Marina 02:59
Another blackout night Crookedly humming a song With only the Braille of the wall To lead me back home I saw a face in the air Silvery, like on a screen And when you passed by in the dark I swore it was her that I’d seen (Spectre of night, figment of light, angel, fly) (Figment of light, spectre of night, angel, fly) Ooh, in my unlucky drama The morning light lands on me like a mortar, and I’m Waking up dizzy and crumpled in this same old suit (Drinking the lines away from this page) I can’t hear music, it’s just static and news (Blink it’s a bottle, blink it’s a cage) I dreamt in black and white And woke up black and blue (Bartender at the corner café) He poured a bargain I had no strength to refuse (Says I should write the novel someday) Of these fallen houses And the angels passing through (Spectre of night, figment of light, angel, fly) In the morning Times My fingers picked up the scent Were you avenging a crime? Were you taken without your consent? Then I heard a tune Faint like an echo From an empty car You were singing “To the top we’ll go!” (Spectre of night, figment of light, angel, fly) (Figment of light, spectre of night, angel, fly) Ooh, in your unlucky drama Dive-bar dancing on Third with those ambulance eyes You try to look deadly, but they think it’s cute 'Til they see how their fantasy dies (“Please, can you get me out of this place?”) You blow out one flame and another starts anew (How many nights you’ve had to erase) But it always leaves this haunted residue (Too many paintings, all with his face) He’s a lens you see everything through (Memory’s the devil giving you chase) Now I understand just what you had to do Then a debutante dream spins into your head From the muscle relaxant that helps you last through the night And you cry when you stumble and say, “This was not my intention” But tonight on the Angels Flight, it’s a one-way ride (Spectre of night, figment of light, angel, fly) (Figment of light, spectre of night, angel, fly) Pray Saint Sinai, pray Saint Olivet One lifts you up, one holds you down And the Angel overseers of this vanishing town Turn away and don’t make a sound


FAULTY MACHINE RECORDINGS SERVICE is my experimental recording and distribution service.

After years of only allowing myself to produce music within the studio ecosystem – a prohibitively expensive luxury that prevented me from releasing new albums for nearly 20 years – I’m returning to my indie/lo-fi roots. FAULTY MACHINE is the solution: a monthly sonic sandbox that serves as a platform for all my musical musings.

A new edition of FAULTY MACHINE will appear at the end of every month here on my Bandcamp page. I’ll deliver a digital care package of whatever I’ve been working on that month: pop song demos, house music diversions, abstract soundscapes, field recordings, etc. Anyone can download this “standard” edition free-of-charge.

For an additional paid subscription of $5/month, patrons will get the entire back-catalogue of my project, SCIENCE PARK, plus my 30th-birthday retrospective and other special, subscriber-only releases to be announced, including some fascinating curios from the archives.

This is the fourth FMRS release, featuring four tracks written, recorded, and rescued during May 2020. The fourth track is taken from the FMRS archives: an extract from a SHORTWAVEMUSIC «ALL NIGHT FLIGHT» performance recorded at Tritriangle in Chicago in October 2019.

An additional track is available for downloaders only (no streaming).


released July 1, 2020

Written / produced by Myke D Weiskopf (www.myke.me) except "Marina" co-written by Sander Roscoe Wolff.




Faulty Machine Recordings Service Los Angeles, California

Myke Dodge Weiskopf is a songwriter, radio producer, and field recordist from Los Angeles. He records and performs as Science Park, and recently launched the monthly Faulty Machine Recordings Service.

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